Enduring Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to plan for the future if you are not able to manage your affairs.  We can provide information and advice on enduring power of attorney and the importance of having this document in place as there may come a time through an accident, serious illness or incapacity, when you become unable to make or communicate decisions yourself.  


Further to this, sometimes people lose capacity to make their own decisions without an enduring power of attorney in place which leaves their family having to navigate the Family Court system.  Emma, our social worker, can assist families who need to apply to the court to become Welfare Guardian and Property Manager.  This can be a daunting process but Emma can take the stress out of it for you.  Contact her on 03 218 6351 for advice and support.

Southland Welfare Guardianship Trust

Sadly sometimes people lose capacity to make their own decisions without having anyone suitable to appoint to act on their behalf.  The Southland Welfare Guardianship Trust is a charitable trust established to provide, recruit, approve and train suitable volunteers to apply to be Court-appointed Welfare Guardians for people who are unable to make, or communicate, decisions for themselves. Once appointed the Trust provides on-going support for the volunteers.  Find out more information on the website Welfare Guardians : southland.

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