Brain Health

Recently we have been focusing on raising awareness of the importance of Brain Health and reducing the risk of Dementia.  Last year we held a very interesting Brain Health Seminar and we are repeating similar seminars at St Stephens Church in October and also in Gore and Te Anau.  

Some of the take-away messages that we think are important for Brain Health include:

“Whats bad for the heart is bad for the brain”  Heart health and brain health are closely linked and studies show that treating heart problems may protect your brain and reduce the risk of dementia.

Protect your head

Head injury increases the chance of developing cognitive problems in later life.  Taking steps to avoid head injury can therefore decrease the risk of dementia.

Blood pressure and blood sugar levels

High blood pressure and diabetes, especially in middle age, can harm the brain.  Taking steps to control blood pressure and blood sugars in midlife can improve brain health and may lower the risk of dementia in older age.

Wear your hearing aids! 

There are some links between hearing loss and dementia. More research is needed in this area but some results indicate that correcting your hearing problems may lead to lower risk of cognitive decline later in life.

Stay curious

Being an active learner keeps the brain engaged and has beneficial effects on memory and information processing.

Socially Engaged

Keeping engaged in social activities has been shown to have a positive effect on brain structure and function and is associated with a lower risk of dementia.  Another great reason to come along to one of our social activities like housie, bowls, scrabble, exercises, van trips or our lunch at The Centre.


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